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>> Friday, May 21, 2010

So, is it just me or are guys incredibly difficult to by for? With girls you can always fall back on something that smells or looks pretty. Some bath and body stuff. A pretty bouquet. Jewelry. You can't really go wrong. But I have the absolute WORST time finding gifts for the men in my life.

My husband is a big Mets fan and he also likes to cook. During the last few years I've bought him anything he could ever possibly need or want in relation to these two things. When I felt those options were tapped out, I went on a sweater rampage, buying him a new one for every occasion that came up. Now, with Father's Day rapidly approaching, I have no clue what to get him (or my father-in-law or brother-in-law, whose birthday happens to be a few days before Father's Day).

With less than a month to go and at least three gifts for men to buy, I've decided to make Fridays a fellas day here. For the next few weeks I will bring you guy-centric finds that will hopefully help to jump start your imagination and lead you to the perfect gift for the man in your life (whether it's for Father's Day or his next birthday). I'll also pretend that this little exercise isn't for me at all-- but to help you, dear reader.

This week, the options are slim (but fabulous!) while I'll take a little time to collect awesome finds for men. Do you know a bike fanatic? A Twin Peaks lover? What about a guy who takes good care of himself or one who loves cool tshirts? Take a peek at what I've found...

clockwise from top left:
Bike Love - 5x7 Black and White Print by WilliamDohman
Special Agent Dale Cooper by Moxiedoll
Black Shave for Men - Body, Facial and Shave Soap with Bamboo Activated Charcoal by BambuEarth
Collective Names of Animals Tshirt by Xenotees


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