Happy Earth Day!

>> Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm a firm believer that every day should be treated like Earth Day (yeah, I'm getting all Earth Momma on you again), so I've collected a few fabulous environmentally-friendly finds that you can enjoy all year long...

Finds for Your Life
Clockwise from top left:
Plantable Tags- Heart by GreenPost

Gluten Free Fabulous Fudge Bliss Brownies by BlissBrownies

Lime Stained Glass Snack Sak by WasteNotSaks
Honey Jasmine Natural Perfume by SpaGoddess

Eco Wear

Clockwise from top left:
Bright Caribbean Blue Messenger Bag by GetReadySetGO
Sage Green Organic Elf Stocking Hat with Long Tail and Tassle by adorableorganics
Organic Giant Fork Tee by Xenotees
Giddyup Seahorse Cork Necklace by Uncorked

So what did I do today? I took my little munchkin outside to beautify a piece of our backyard.

Big trees tower above this odd little hill, so it seems to collect leaves and broken twigs and branches at an astonishing rate. I've had this vision of covering it in wildflowers so that I can sit out on the deck in the summer and just drink in the beauty (I'm taking this Earth Momma thing to a whole new level, eh?).

So we raked the leaves and all those little twigs and threw some flower seeds down. Whether anything grows is a whole other story--my thumbs aren't even close to being green--but we had fun and that's what counts, right?


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