Obsession of the Week: Twilight

>> Thursday, July 8, 2010

First, let me start out by saying that I was an English major in college. By definition, I'm a word nerd. The written word does things to me that "normal" people might be immune to. That said, it's sort of a given that I should be a snob about what I read. I should be an elitist.

So how is it that I'm obsessed with the Twilight series? There are plenty of reasons why a girl in her 20s shouldn't like it. First of all, you find it in the Teen Fiction section of any library or bookstore. Then there's the writing. Fluffy and repetitive (we get it Bella. Edward is breathtakingly hot and icy cold to the touch. Jacob is young and warm and muscular), the writing pretty much sucks. The story itself is an over-the-top soap opera that sounds absolutely ridiculous if you try and explain it to someone (believe me, I did).

Then there are the movies. Let's just put it out there. The actors kind of suck. It helps that they're attractive (Team Edward! --although I will admit that the pasty makeup doesn't really do him justice), but their lack of skill can be totally jarring. So why oh why am I hooked?

There's something about Stephenie Meyer's tale that seems to resonate with women of all ages. Maybe it's the complicated love story. Maybe it's the girl who is just trying to figure out where she fits in in the world. Maybe it's the sort of fairytale quality that we love from the time when the only person we can imagine marrying is our dad. I haven't put my finger on exactly what it is just yet, but there's something about it-- and I'm hooked.

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clockwise from top left:
Cullen Crest Black Leather Cuff Bracelet by laserbird
Twilight-Inspired World Traveler Pendant - Volterra, Italy by kimiko611
Sterling Wolf, Swarovski Crystal Heart Necklace by Rapunzelsgold
Sterling Silver Lustrous White Pearl Ring by bluembrownlee

For top photo source and an article that echoes my thoughts, check out Letters to Twilight.


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