Etsy Purchase: zJayne Dryer Pillow Sheet

>> Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I'm always looking for ways to cut costs and ways to be kind to the environment. When a product comes along that lets me do both of these things, my squeals of delight can be heard from miles away!

Enter zJayne and her awesome recycled products that are made from used t-shirts. I can't recall how I stumbled upon her shop, but boy am I glad I did! I noticed that she had dryer pillow sheets, which I've been wanting to purchase for quite some time.

I've read in a few places about the toxicity of dryer sheets. The chemicals used in them have been linked to a variety of not-so-fun things from cancer to irritation of the respiratory system. On top of that, they take hundreds of years to break down. Think about how many dryer sheets you use in a month! It adds up. I decided to purchase a sample dryer pillow sheet and give it a try.

I won't lie, when I opened the package I was a little nervous. The scent of lavender (the pillow sheets are filled with home-grown organic lavender buds) was pretty strong. I was afraid my clothes would end up smelling just as strongly. I was pretty sure my husband would not be fond of smelling like a lavender dream. I threw the pillow into the dryer with our newly-washed load and crossed my fingers.

When I went back down an hour or so later, my fears weren't eased. The smell of lavender filled the room and became even more powerful when I opened the dryer. The smell dissipated a bit while I was folding the clothes and when my husband picked up his newly cleaned t-shirt and put it on, he didn't even notice. Success!

I'm in looooove. This little pillow should last me from 4-12 months as long as I store it in an airtight container between loads. All it takes to refresh the soothing smell (which I need when I find used tissues in my husband's pockets after I've lectured him endlessly on removing everything from them before putting them in the hamper) is a little scrunching. Another perk? You can even use these little sacks as a sachet for your car instead of having those ugly trees hanging from your rearview mirror.

Check out zJayne's shop for even more eco-friendly goodies from shopping bags to altered art.

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