Style Crush: Ann Curry

>> Thursday, June 3, 2010

I realize the title of this post might have you scratching your chin and letting out a big "Huuuh?" News anchors aren't generally thought of as stylish. In fact, when I think of a news anchor I think of boxy suits, overly coiffed hair and eery, toothy grins. But the Today Show's Ann Curry has a laid back, approachable style that I absolutely adore.
Curry often wears flowy, empire tops and wide leg pants (see photo at right for a great example). She also wears lots of cute dresses in classic silhouettes (think a-limes and 50s styles). More often than not, the color palette is muted. She wears lots of solid, neutral colors that are a little earthy and ooze a relaxed sophistication.

Curry's style also seems to be influenced a bit by her Japanese heritage. There have been so many times that I've seen her in something reminiscent of a kimono or an obi --with a bit of Western flair (of course, I didn't come across any examples to show you). And she nearly always gives off a calm, centered yogi vibe.

Her make-up is generally natural looking and glowy and if her hair is not pulled up in a loose bun, it's usually casually tucked behind her ear.

I just can't get enough! I just adore her (in fact, my husband's a little jealous). Because I'm so enamored, I went on a little hunt and collected a few pieces that I think Ann Curry would love to add to her wardrobe:

silk smocked top, J. Jill
egg blue and grey heather cotton jersey dress, outofline
Japanese Star Moss Scarf in Eggplant, xenotees

embroidered woven top, Forever21
City-fit Super 120s classic trouser, J. Crew
Heron Blouse, hierapparel


Rebecca June 4, 2010 at 10:11 AM  

I'm an Ann Curry fan too... she's a good reporter as well as a down-to-earth "celebrity." As for your featured finds... I LOVE that Heron Blouse! Wowza!

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